The demands placed on business solutions have become increasingly diverse.
This includes the way in which solutions are offered and implemented. Telexiom GMBH takes this into account and provides its customers a tailor-made approach according to their requirements and needs.

telexiom is prepared to provide professional managed services for its customers. Companies opt for a managed service in order to have precisely defined expert services for areas where in-house knowledge or resources may not exist. telexiom is a reliable partner with specialized staff in many IT business areas.

The advantages for companies are mainly as follows:

  • The customer can continue to focus on core competence without spending effort and resources on challenging staffing activities and infrastructure projects.
  • Recurring tasks are handled reliably with dedicated personnel.
  • Risks and costs are easier to calculate.
  • The expertise gained can also benefit other divisions in the implementation of their duties.

As a result of increasing digitization and the associated introduction of new tools, there is also a growing need to make the rising complexity of IT attainable for the user in a company and to efficiently maintain its usability.

This is achieved through appropriate and trained support, which covers the entire spectrum of user queries – from the creation of a user account to the pre-qualification of complex incident scenarios.

telexiom offers its customers 1st level support as a solution.

Our experience includes:

  • Support for Office 365, Sharepoint and ServiceNow
  • Handling of common ticket tools such as ServiceNow, JIRA or Remedy
  • Support of stationary and mobile employees
  • Knowledge sharing with other support teams and maintaining the problem database
  • Incident Management Monitoring

Our employees are not only technically trained, but are also able to communicate with your users in a structured and empathetic manner, so that every incident can be dealt with as efficiently as possible in the next support stages.

When commissioning external support, many companies opt for an employee leasing model (Arbeitnehmerüberlassung – ANÜ). Telexiom has the necessary license and experience to be able to provide suitable solutions for this type of contractual relationship as well.

  • Payment of actual working time. The absence of a consultant in an employee leasing model, due to illness for example, is not at the expense of the contracting company.
  • Companies retain full control over their resource requirements and the necessary flexibility to react to changing situations.
  • If a support service does not turn out as desired by the contractor, we can quickly arrange for a replacement in an employee leasing model.
  • A costly employee recruitment process is not necessary as compared to that of a permanent position.

Some of telexiom’s customers have the need for external consulting and the knowledge of external specialists “from time to time” – but not always the same kind or to the same extent. For such cases, telexiom can offer a pooling concept, which guarantees the needs of the customer are fulfilled by providing exactly the support and resources necessary for the required solution. Without any risk for our customers.

The pooling concept ensures that, upon request, a selection of suitable candidates with the necessary experience and know-how is available for deployment. Combinations of different skill levels may also be possible in order to cover a wide range of support needs.

Once a pooling arrangement has been established with a customer, the selection of consultants can also be carried out by telexiom, thus contributing even more to customer relief. The reliability and inter-dependability of partners are a matter of course.

  • An on-demand support is guaranteed with pooling.
  • Know-how multiplication takes place through a controlled team composition.
  • The customer retains the greatest possible flexibility.
  • Pooling creates transparency and relieves the burden on the customer.